Although housing prices in some major cities have not risen as sharply in recent months as they did the year before, rents still rose. Especially families suffer because apartments for singles and couples trenden while the nursery is almost in short supply.

Growing demand for micro-apartments: small apartments dominate the real estate market


Tense situation now also in the peripheral areas and in the bacon belt

A few years ago, the cities and especially the big cities, where rents and purchase prices increased so much, have now reached the surrounding area. City-related locations are sought-after, so sought-after that even cities like Potsdam now report extreme increases and a higher percentage increase in prices than the capital itself. In the bacon belt, it is tight and expensive, and here are apartments with several rooms and large area now not often anymore.


small apartments that are modern and practical as multifunctional rooms, are in full swing


Photo: © Robert Granoff

Multifunctional rooms instead of dining room, living room, children’s room, bedroom

If the floor space is correct, but the layout of the apartment in the room is difficult, there is really no choice: the dining room and kitchen coincide, a study is set up in the living room the children’s desks are in the hallway , and the bedroom is used by the entire family. Still normal a few decades ago, it has been different in Germany since the 1970s at the latest.

Meaningful use of any surface and space-saving device play a major role in the division of a small apartment


Photo: © Lindsey Orton

Place is also in the smallest apartment, at least with clever decor. Loft beds, beds with storage space, shelves and a desk underneath, folding furniture on the wall and the sofa bed allow flexible use of even small rooms. Custom-made shelves, which use the space above the desk to below the ceiling, which fit under roof slopes and disappear behind the door, also contribute to this. However, they are not available in the furniture market “off the shelf”. High-quality customized shelves such as available online at Pickawood, can be fitted into any home. Then the space above the lintel, the narrow space between bedside table and wall and corners in the bathroom and rooms under stairs can be used meaningfully, aesthetically and above all sustainably. Such a shelf, which hugs the outside of the staircase and faces the room, acts as an eye-catcher.


Flexible use of small spaces thanks to high-quality multifunctional furniture

Photo: © Bertrand Fompeyrine

Trend Tiny Houses: Everything Must Have Added Value

Little space in the cities, the longing of people for a simple life and the dream of independent life on the green meadow come together when it comes to the so-called Tiny Houses : two-storey space miracles with a floor space a few square meters are built so that they can fit on a standard car trailer and yet leave no comfort.

Living on wheels – modern mobile homes offering full comfort on a few square meters


Photo: © New Frontier Tiny Homes

Here everything is made to order and handmade, not just the shelf in the living room. However, it is doubtful that life in the Tiny House is the future of the urbanites. Because even these houses need floor space. However, the growing population and infrastructure of the cities can only be mastered if more than two floors are built …


a beautiful, futuristic idea for sustainable building and minimalist life in the Tiny House


© Peter Pichler Architecture

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