Times are long gone when a smart home was just an extraordinary trend for people with a passion for technology. In the meantime, the networked household has also reached the average consumer. Finally, smart home systems offer numerous benefits in terms of safety, comfort and energy saving. In the following article there are helpful tips and information for smart home beginners.

Modern Control Systems for a Smart Home


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Comfortable living through modern control systems

Well thought-out and modern smart home systems provide the comforting feeling that everything is under control at home. Of course, this only works if the devices for control are easy and comfortable to use from the smartphone. When choosing a suitable system, it is therefore advisable to contact a reputable supplier such as the online retailer ELV which manages a large number of renowned branded products.

thanks to modern smart home systems monitor and control all devices in the house via smartphone or tablet


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Whether motion detectors for lighting and heating or a connection to electronic devices such as TVs, dishwashers and refrigerators – most commands can be executed with just one click. To make it easy to use, it is important that the app for the smartphone is easy and understandable even with complicated functions.

A central control system is required for easy operation of all household appliances


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Matching Radio Standard for Smart Home

Since all devices in the home should be networked in a smart home, you need a central controller, which in turn connects to the in-house Wi-Fi. This central unit is then the point of contact for all devices contained in the smart home system.

Two wireless systems are available as wireless standards: ZigBee and Z-Wave. Both programs work together with well-known manufacturers such as Bosch, Siemens and Danfoss. They are able to spark within the house up to 25 meters, outside up to 100 meters. For smart home beginners, Z-Wave is better because it specializes only in home automation. This makes it much clearer and easier to use than ZigBee, which offers far more control options. When purchasing a smart home system, you should therefore check for which radio standard the devices are suitable.

important for modern home control by smart home systems are the radio standard of the devices and the appropriate radio system


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Save Energy and Cost With Smart Home

There are several ways to save energy and costs with a smart home. Intelligent thermostats help to adjust the temperature of the radiators to the room temperature. In the absence of residents, a motion detector sends the signal to regulate the temperature down. The same applies to open windows if they are equipped with a suitable contact point.

Energy in the form of electricity is also saved by the use of intelligent sockets the so-called intermediate plugs. To save water, irrigation systems are a great option for a smart home that also has a garden. Especially on vacation, these systems are practical and perform their work reliably. Beginners can take advantage of the low-cost offers of many manufacturers who have put together complete energy-saving packages.

smart household appliances, irrigation systems and radiator thermostats serve our comfort as well as effective energy saving in the household


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Pay attention to safety in the Smart Home

Optimal smart home systems should not only be easy to use and save money in the long term, but also provide the greatest possible security against hackers and burglars. These include state-of-the-art, sensitive cameras, which on the one hand are so small that they can fit everywhere, on the other hand, they can reliably distinguish animals from humans. You can also take sharp pictures in the dark, in picture and sound. If the security of the house is compromised, they will broadcast their message throughout the world.

The innovative devices of a smart home also include intelligent smoke detectors that measure the humidity and carbon monoxide content of the air, even in the absence. Also important for security: contacts on doors and windows that give a warning when opened by unauthorized persons.

high-quality smart home systems should also provide security against hackers and burglars


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A high-quality smart home system deals with the safety aspect with the highest priority. The best way to test this is to ask the employees about the most important characteristics and to find out whether the chosen provider is reliable and reliable. Safety should also be an integral part of the product descriptions and datasheets.

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