Juhu! Finally blooming plants, shrubs, birds singing and temperatures that can be endured in the evening! Although the official beginning of spring has been around for a while, it was really enjoyable, but it was only the last week. This year I was really early with the fit of our balcony. The last traces of winter have been cleaned up, little plants have wandered back to the balcony. Our little oasis of well-being in the city – I love you.

Meanwhile, the styling of our balcony is already two years old and I’m starting to think about some small changes: new pillows, plaids, plants. What are you doing there? Off to the toom hardware store! Because when it comes to plants, garden furniture and balcony equipment, toom DIY is my first choice. No hardware store in Tübingen and surroundings offers such a large assortment for the garden season.

I was quite surprised how modern the assortment in the construction market has become. In the past, nothing has changed in the product range for years, so I was thrilled this time. What was there to admire everything new, I have summarized for you. Here come:

My 7 favorites from the hardware store for this gardening season

1 The garden bench for DIY lover

The bank for every purse. Quite small and therefore rather suitable for one person, the bank is to get extremely cheap with 29 EUR. The untreated wood can be designed as you like. A dream for lovers of self-painted garden furniture.

2 Do your own work with europallets from the hardware store

At last you have to scrounge no more used pallets together at local shops. If you like the rustic look of pallet furniture on the balcony, garden or terrace, you can now buy it at the hardware store. Contrary to all offers that I have seen so far, these pallets are very cheap at 16,99 EUR.

3 Seat cushions for pallet furniture

And who has then tinkered his individual pallet coach, does not have to resort to the sewing machine to make cozy pillows for themselves on top. Simply add these chic editions to the shopping cart. If you do not like anthracite, the pads are available in four different colors. 🙂 Yes! Finally beautiful and cozy home-made garden furniture.

© toom Hardware Store

4 Design Rocking Chair for Garden & Balcony – Colorful and Stylish

Colorful and funny – as I like it. Less rustic but just as hip. The colored garden rocking chair. Clean, straightforward design without bells and whistles.

5 Seat cushions in wood look

I already knew, but still find it funny. The wooden seat cushions look really real at first glance and will definitely be a topic of conversation when visiting friends.

6 Sweden fire from the hardware store

The fire of Sweden is just perfect for any garden party or larger events such as weddings, birthdays, etc. It is decorative and burns for a long time. If you had to either make it yourself or buy it on markets, you can now easily pack the Swedish fire for your own garden at a super price at the hardware store.

7 One for all and everything – Grill Bowl

Sun Now comes a grill that you can not even afford, but because of the price is more of an investment. You could also say, an investment in friendship and fun summer evenings! Because with this Bowl, your friends will certainly often stand for a barbecue at the door. As if the huge grill bowl were not enough of a good one, this design grill also has a swiveling arm with a grill grate. Meal!

You love succulents? Here you can take a look at the assortment of succulents at the toom hardware store.

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