While the nursery was still mainly used for sleeping and playing, the youth room must fulfill several requirements. Therefore, it should be planned exactly and tailored to the needs of the young person. While there should be plenty of space and storage options for hobbies, the teen room should also have a comfy corner with a table and a couch to chat with friends.

great ideas and interior design tips for a modern teenager’s room


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Function takes center stage
In addition to a comfortable couch, which is also a spontaneous accommodation for friends, depending on age and a TV can be accommodated in the room. This can be mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall and requires no extra footprint. Of course, a desk that does not have to be that big is important at this age of the child. Otherwise it offers too much opportunity for distractions and unnecessary accessories.

a small desk at the same time serves for learning as well as the optimal and functional furnishing of small youth rooms


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A high quality desk chair should be chosen for this purpose. This should meet both ergonomic and stylistic requirements. It is ideal if the seat and back can be adjusted to the height of the youngster’s rapidly growing size. Even armrests are not just a stylistic device, but ensure that the young people can do their chores in a comfortable seating position. This not only keeps the back and posture healthy, but also increases motivation in learning. Girls will be delighted with a dressing table in their room, while boys tend to look for bookshelves and storage for cars and sports gear.

The choice of high quality furniture, such as an ergonomic desk chair, is particularly important in the establishment of a modern but at the same time comfortable teenage room


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Real privacy is important in the teen room
The bigger the adolescent gets, the more he wants to be able to retire and have his privacy. Therefore, the corresponding room should also provide enough space to practice the hobbies. In addition, especially in this phase of life, it is becoming more and more important to be able to be undisturbed with friends. It is clear that the youth room has to be both a place to sleep, a study and a cozy corner to relax and read. Practically here are built-in wardrobes that combine both cupboard and shelf and best yet desk in itself. Of course, these furniture can also be individually placed in the room. Parents should remember to include their offspring in the planning process. After all, the already developed taste of the young person is taken into account and rapid change requests can thus be minimized.

In addition to the sleeping area, the youth room also provides a cozy corner for relaxing and reading


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Watch out for quality furniture
Many adolescents love furniture that has a high-gloss finish and a large mirror surface. Of course, these must be used with appropriate care so that the young person can enjoy them for a long time. If the room is on the small side, a loft bed with a high underbed height is advisable. Underneath there is a sofa bed space or storage space to accommodate boxes with toys or other trinkets good.

the loft bed as a functional and space-saving alternative for optimal youth room furniture


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While girls like to use light or even white furniture, boys prefer darker shades. This can be compensated with a bright wall design. It is clear, however, that the entire decor should be chosen rather decent. For colorful refreshment then provide colorful murals that can be replaced without much effort, or colorful cushions and curtains, which are matched in color with the rest of the device. It is important that in the room of the young person an actual living atmosphere is created in which he likes to stay and feel good.

create an actual living atmosphere in the youth room by matching color combination and practical furnishing


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