We’ll be off and enjoying the spring in Madeira! Madeira is probably the perfect island for all those who like it all year round sunny – but not too hot – and who like to be outdoors or at least have a big fable for the flora & fauna here! For my part, I am overwhelmed by the diversity and beauty of this island and am happy that the spontaneous impulse to spend my holidays here has proved so successful – not least because of our wonderful accommodation.

Since we like to escape the Hamburg rain for a few weeks in winter, I am always happy when I find a nice house for us where we can have a good time. And since you want to live at least as nice on holiday as you do at home, the search for a nice accommodation usually has top priority for me.

On Madeira we had once again great luck! The small house near Ribeira Brava has only recently been completed and we are very happy to be the first guests here! Over a few steep serpentines one arrives at the small, pink house in Tabua. Embedded in the mountain one overlooks the boundless Atlantic from terrace & garden. And as it is pleasantly warm here all year round, we are almost only outside. We eat on the spacious terrace, relax on the deck chairs in the meadow, enjoy the sunset in the armchairs at the lower end of the property and when it gets fresh, we start a small fire at the beautiful fireplace. Simply a dream!

But of course the small cottage has a lot to offer indoors too! On the ground floor there is space for kitchen, bathroom and living room, on the plateau you sleep. That’s it. But that’s all there is really needed in terms of space if you’re usually out all day anyway. But the equipment is really of the finest quality and unites all-sided popular Scandinavian design brands from Ferm Living to Hay under one roof. From the furniture to the crockery and cutlery – every detail is just right here!