Trees and plants are a powerful design element, with which any interior design can be softened and a homely, familiar and cozy atmosphere is created. The rapid development of the modern high-tech world in which we live today has the urgent need for connection to nature. Therefore, the introduction of living trees in the interior is no wonder, but rather a successful and attractive design idea and the appropriate response to our needs for Rühe, warmth and comfort in your own home. With the wonderful examples in this article we want to inspire you and encourage you to look for opportunities for a creative and naturally relevant integration of nature into your home .

the effect of growing trees in the interior


Photo: Martin Bond

Courtesy of Nature A contextual installation by architect Johan Selbing and landscape architect Anouk Vogel, which was made for the International Garden Festival in 2013 to invite visitors and understanding and to reflect on nature’s relationship.

Three Storey Urban Residence by Pleysier Perkins – The design of this three-storey residence in Melbourne uses the existing shell of a former medical center. Inside the original volume, a wooden box is planned, with a wine cellar and a bathroom on the ground floor and a mezzanine living room above. Two bedrooms and a large workshop, which are also located on the ground floor, are connected to the kitchen, an outdoor terrace and a study on the 1st floor via an open wooden staircase in the slender entrance hall with floor-to-ceiling windows and mini-indoor garden.

The tree as part of a building and natural design element in interior design


Photos: Brendan Finn / Ichikawa Yasushi

M House by Jun Aoki – Another example of simple and stylish interior design with trees and plants, we find again in a three-story house, this time on a corner area of ​​10,65m x 10,41m in Tokyo was built. The monolithic volume of the building resembles a closed box whose geometry is characterized by reinforced concrete frames. The trapezoidal floor plan consists of seven interior terraces that extend along the perimeter of the building, connecting two spaces to create space, adequate ventilation and lighting. Each terrace varies in size and function and is separated from the living areas by large sliding glass doors. For example, The open living room with kitchen on the third floor via a triangular terrace (3,7m x 4,9m x H 5,7m) is connected to the rooftop terrace. The small inner terrace, equipped with stairs and window openings with slats for controlled room lighting and ventilation, also represents a mini-garden.

attractive and natural house interior with small courtyard garden in the living room


Photo: Ian Wong

Sungai Buloh House by o2 Design Atelier – This project involves the transformation of traditional Malaysian retail outlets into a typical Malaysian terraced house in Sg Buloh, Selangor. The centerpiece of the two-storey building is a courtyard with concrete walls, which connects practically all the rooms within the building with nature and focuses on the poetic interplay of light and shadow. The contrived inner courtyard, which is adorned with trees and shrubs, rises upwards as an open-air volume thanks to partial removal of the ceilings. At this point, part of the usual roof tiles with clear polycarbonate roof tiles were replaced, which in the role of small skylights further emphasize the effect and perception of a courtyard.

revive modern and sometimes cold interior design through living trees and large plants


Photo: Haruo Mikami

House in Lago Sul Qi 25 by Sérgio Parada Arquitetos Associados – A private residence in Brazil that adapts to the topography of the place, dividing it into three levels. The interior exudes a contemporary elegance, thanks to the simple combination of natural wood flooring with pure white wall paint. The connection to nature results not only from the floor-to-ceiling glazing of the main living spaces, but also from natural elements, such as this small tree in the wet area.

a single tree turns every balcony into a small place of well-being


Photos: Le Anh Duc

QT House of LANDMAK ARCHITECTURE – A private apartment in Hanoi, Vietnam, proving that each apartment can have a garden. Although the apartment has very limited living space, is complemented by a small garden between two houses. Typical of this district is the practical use of the small spaces between the narrow and tall houses to set up indoor balconies as private gardens. In this case, the simple, minimalist interior design of the narrow apartment is extended and visually enlarged by the small balcony garden.

Growing trees in the kitchen – modern interior design with a fresh accent from nature


Photo: Denilson Machado – MCA Estúdio

Guilhermes Home by Studio Guilherme Torres – Another great inspiration for the precious combination of interior design and nature can be seen in the former home of the Brazilian artist Victor Brecheret, now owned by the architect Guilherme Torres. The compact house is located in one of the most charming streets in the Jardins district of São Paulo and is used to live and work by one of the most famous architects in Brazil.

Bringing nature into the bathroom – a tree as a design element in the bathroom area


Photos: unknown / Hiroshi Ueda

Rustic House by UID Architects – Now we come to the residence of a young couple in Japan, built on the site of an existing building. The space has been planned to stagger the functions in the building and connect through the use of different depths and heights. Existing trees and topography combine with the interior design thanks to glazing and openings in the concrete ceiling slabs.

a tree as a living object of art in the interior


Photo: unknown

Split House by TWS & Partners – The next example is of a renovated house in Jakarta built on a plot of 6m x 15m. During the renovation, the existing building had to be extended to create a combination function between private living space and work area in one place. The entrance to the living area begins with a front courtyard, which, thanks to a tree and the natural lighting and ventilation through the transparent roof, transforms it into an inviting atmosphere. In addition, the concept for a courtyard in the front area of ​​the building connects the rooms on the second floor with the surrounding outdoor area.

wonderful room design through a playful combination of light, shadow and nature


Photos: Fernando Gomulya / Rafael Gamo

La Tallera Gallery by Frida Escobedo – Another example of the beauty of the playful combination of light, shadow and nature in the interior can be seen in the former home and studio of painter David Alfaro Siqueiros. The Mexican architect Frida Escobedo transformed the building into a public gallery and enclosed the entire complex behind a triangulated concrete grid. The translucent wall of perforated concrete blocks was built around the building complex La Tallera de Siqueiros. Behind it a private courtyard emerged as a new entrance.

Attractive concept for a completely different interior design of a butcher shop


Photo: Rafaela Netto

FEED Meat Market by FGMF Architects and Studio Projeto de Perto – A butcher in São Paulo redefines the buying of meat by offering its customers a refined, gallery-like ambiance. The Brazilian architecture firm FGMF and the studio Projeto de Perto have set themselves the goal of creating a completely different butcher’s shop, which has nothing to do with the usual concept of butchery. A heart of the store is the gourmet area, covered with glazing and pergola ceiling, through which penetrates a giant fig tree. Furnished with an open-plan, industrial-style kitchen, this area serves product tasting, meals, cooking classes and various events. A very inviting atmosphere also arises in the evening when the tree is lit.

Minimalist interior design with a tree as the center of space


Photos: Toshiyuki Yano / Prof. Valentin Wormbs

House in Ohno by Airhouse Design Office – The first of the two examples shown above shows a beautiful house between kaki trees. In this project, the Japanese architectural firm was commissioned by customers to design a house with large open spaces and high ceilings in a plot of Japanese kaki orchard. For the goal, a supporting structure of seven massive pillar volumes was planned, which not only carry the large roof area, but also divide the open interior into areas and at the same time create spaces for various living functions. The floor-to-ceiling glazing with large glass panes gives the house an open feel and the surrounding kaki garden provides a relaxed atmosphere in the spacious living room with a living tree as well as a protected privacy from the outside world.

House WZ by Bernd Zimmermann Architekten – The second photo is of a family house in Ludwigsburg, Germany. In this project, an existing building from the 50s was completely renovated and modernized. While the existing building was not allowed to change from the outside, the inside of the house was completely rebuilt, with new airspaces and galleries creating an open living structure as a combination of different levels. Interesting solution here is the natural room lighting through a large skylight in the three-story atrium where a tree is planted.

The tree as a stylish hanging decoration in the interior


Photo: Amit Apel Design

Mansfield House by Amit Apel Design – The design studio Amit Apel shows us an attractive and original idea for the implementation of a living tree in interior design. An unusual focal point in the interior of this modern private home in Los Angeles is a potted tree hanging from the ceiling in the entrance area.

Involving nature in the interior


Photos: FilippoVinardi / Lara Swimmer

KOOK Osteria & Pizzeria by Noses Architects – In the interior design of this pizzeria in Rome, an olive tree, the symbol of wisdom, longevity and Mediterranean essence, is integrated into a glass atrium and stylishly presented as an essential centerpiece , Discover more Photos and information about the Italian restaurant KOOK .

Renovation of a Private Estate by MSR Design – Above we also see a photo of a master bathroom in an MSR Design renovated and reconstructed farmhouse in eastern Pennsylvania. The center of attention in this spacious room with glazed saddle roof is the bathing area, which is properly staged by light, large plants and decorative trees.

Interconnecting interior and exterior landscape through transparency of living spaces


Photo: Hiroyuki Oki

M11 House by a21 Studio – A great inspiration for a successful connection between nature and buildings we see in the project Haus M11. A three-story home in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam, completed in 2009. The choice of natural materials such as wood and stone in combination with a modern and simple design gives the house an elegant appearance, which is further enhanced by the preserved trees and vegetation integrated in the interior.

Trees as an original design element and extraordinary supports in the interior


Photos: Daici Ano

Garden Tree House by Hironaka Ogawa Architekten – A new building with an interesting interior design that was created as an extension to a 35-year-old house. In this project, a Japanese zelkove and a camphor tree were felled from the property of the original house and used as main pillars in the living-dining room. Before using both trees in the interior, their water content had to be reduced by drying and smokers. After that they were installed in the new building in the same place where they used to grow.

Living with trees and building trees: the integration of a tree in the interior


Photo: Marko Bradich

Casa Chinkara by Solis Colomer Arquitectos – A private residence of Guatemala City that explores the contrast between the natural and the human. Apart from an art gallery, each of the rooms is kept in a defined volume that opens outwards and connects the richness of natural life with the experiences inside the house. A residence in the role of mediator between the natural and the artificial.

Transformation of a concrete structure in conservatory with fragrant plants and fruit trees


Photo: Gilbert Fastenaekens

Charleroi Museum of Photography by L’Escaut Architectures – The museum’s new extension is inside a former Carmelite convent, where there is a large orchard with several trees. The existing building and the new building are connected by a glass hall, which blurs the border between indoor and outdoor playfully, thanks to the trees planted inside and fragrant plants.

Creative and comfortable room decoration with birch trees


Photo left: Kimberly Gavin / top right: Jon Eady / bottom right: Natsiq Outdoor Room Divider

Birch trees as decoration in the interior – The birch is very special for several reasons. The white bark gives it a very noble look and is therefore the perfect choice when it comes to decorating the interior. In addition to furniture, the birch can also be used as an attractive decorative element, which lends a special charm to the interior. For the target, the tree bark should be sealed so that it does not dry out and peel off.

a modern house made of exposed concrete that integrates the forest landscape in its layout


Photo: Andrés Asturias

Corallo Residence by PAZ Arquitectura – The house is located in a dense hilltop forest in Guatemala and integrates the landscape in its layout. The project combines nature with architectural intervention, where the aim was to preserve the existing trees. The floor plan is free of columns and the levels adapt to the existing topography. Both facades are predominantly made of glass to connect the interior with the exterior. The main component is exposed concrete, which shows the rustic texture of the wooden formwork and allows a dialogue between the formal element and the textures of the forest.

modern and successful architecture, which is related to landscape and nature


Photo: Ken Wyner

Hayes Residence by Travis Price Architects – A private residence with a simple design that practically divides into guesthouse and main living area with bedroom, kitchen and living room under a wooden roof. The living trees on the property were rescued and included in the interior by rectangular glass atria.

Concept for stylish interior design of a fashion shop


Photo: Brandon Shigeta

RTA Melrose Boutique by Dan Brunn Architecture At the center of this fashion house in Los Angeles is an olive tree that stands under a circular tree Skylight is planted.

Interior design through an interesting combination of simple geometry shapes with unusual openings and natural wood material


Photo: Hidaka Yasunori

Times Resuscitation Building by Nano Architects – A 1960s small apartment in Japan, refurbished and refurbished with bespoke wood furniture, decorative driftwood and oddly shaped openings.

There is room for a tree even in the small house


Photo: unknown

Eagle Ridge Residence by Gary Gladwish Architecture – On a rocky forest property on Orcas Island is the L-shaped home of an artist. The owner wanted an open, simple building that referred to the terrain and the location, as the views of the island, the bay, the forest and the rocks that the house offers are constantly present in the house. Large sliding glass doors and revolving doors allow for threshold-free entry and exit. The skylights provide additional daylight into the living spaces. Fireplaces in the house and on the terrace convey a nature-loving and comfortable atmosphere.

A modern and well-thought-out interior design is inspired and linked to nature


Photo: Will Austin

The façade is a combination of corroded metal cladding with weathered wooden planks and stands in contrast to the high-quality interior. The residential building combines a spacious living and dining area with adjoining studios, studios and storage rooms.

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