Often, a balcony is neglected and used as additional storage space. Especially in summer, it is a shame if this outdoor area is not for relaxing, but for collecting empty bottles, broken furniture and anything else. Even if the balcony does not have a large area such as a roof terrace or a garden, it can be transformed into a real summer oasis with suitable equipment. Here are some great tips and ideas for balcony design that will help you make the most of this small space. Let yourself be inspired and transform your balcony into a cozy private area with its own charm and style.

The balcony as a stylish extension of the living room in the open air



. 1 Extension of the living space – Just like an attractive and homely garden or terrace design with comfortable furniture, colorful colors and home textiles for more comfort and coziness also the small balcony can be extended as an inviting, summery living area . What is needed for a successful transformation is a bit of creativity and a functional interior with space-saving furniture and matching accessories that are weatherproof.


Beautiful ideas for balcony design with functional furniture


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. 2 Give style and function to the balcony thanks to skilfully assembled furniture and plants. Each relaxation area needs at least a comfortable seating. In the following example of attractive room decoration and stylish balcony furnishings, we see an Acapulco chair that not only looks impressive, but is also comfortable and suitable for outdoor use. As a fitting accent to this modern recliner we see an old wooden box in the role of a rustic flower stand. Another attractive decorative element is the chicken wire, which covers the railing and serves as a fall protection for the cat of the residents. The neutral gray color scheme also features a machine-washable cotton rug for added comfort. The combination of different planters with natural green and seasonal flowers gives the small balcony a rustic touch and inviting atmosphere.

Turn the small balcony into an attractive mini-garden and cozy reading area


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. 3 The flooring – One of the main design elements of each room. The balcony usually has a concrete floor without any personality, which fortunately can be quickly and easily transformed.

  • Fitting for the target and also cost-effective are the popular wood-look top panels, which you can easily install yourself to give the balcony a new look and a more comfortable atmosphere. For a holistic look, you can combine the wood flooring with space-saving wood furniture, such as a half-round folding table and two DIY benches for the narrow balcony sides with a storage option below.
  • Another inexpensive and less expensive solution for redesigning the balcony floor is offered by the washable carpets. With one or more attractively patterned carpets you can visually make the floor in the outdoor area more interesting. The following idea for balcony design in boho chic style shows namely one of these inexpensive variants, in which a coarse-woven carpet ideally combines with a reed fence privacy screen and provides even more comfort and comfort.


one of the most popular solutions and ideas for balcony design is the interior with a self-made seating area made of pallets in combination with cozy home textiles


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  • Another option for new and more attractive outdoor floor design is the laying of floor tiles with a beautiful pattern. This is certainly the right variant for chic balcony design with a durable, weather-resistant and easy-care floor covering.
  • The balcony floor can also be made attractive by painting . The look of expensive tiles can be created quickly and easily with matching stencils and colors.

durable and attractive floor design with patterned tiles


. 4 The privacy screen is another element of the balcony design, which not only creates the required privacy, but also gives style to the exterior. The variants for a functional yet stylish privacy screen, which also protects against wind, are simply endless. Depending on the style of furnishing and the wishes, various materials and solutions are used here, such as curtains, trellises for climbing plants, bamboo blinds or covering mats made of patterned plastics or green artificial plants.

Simple and chic Scandinavian-style balcony design


. 5 The sunshade is another important condition for a pleasant and comfortable balcony design, especially if the balcony is south-facing. Again, different solutions are applicable. In addition to the usual parasols, there are awnings and awnings with a high UPF rating, which can provide the necessary protection against strong midday sun and thus the pleasant sitting on the balcony.

Transform the small balcony through glazing and greening into attractive entertainment area


© Peter Piatak

. 6 Vertical Greening – Plants and flowers are an integral part of any balcony design. In addition to the flower box for railings, which allow a beautiful colored and space-saving flower decoration, there are other variants for vibrant greenery of small and narrow spaces, such as the balcony. One of these solutions is vertical planting with vines or potted flowers in flower pots. For the finish, you can make a balcony wall with a wooden panel or you can install a bench with a wooden slatted wall panel to create enough space and a suitable background for wall-hung pots.

the balcony wall as an accent wall and additional area for greening


© Decora y vende

. 7 Concrete on the balcony – Decorative items and small concrete pieces are wonderful for an attractive, stylish and individual design in the outdoor area. You can either buy them or make them yourself, which will definitely bring personality and character to the area. If you fancy making cool things out of concrete, take a look at our DIY projects.

modern and individual balcony design with DIY furniture made of concrete


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. 8 A narrow dining area on the balcony, where you can have breakfast in the morning and enjoy glass of wine in the evening, can also set up a counter along the windowsill or over the balcony railing thanks to matching furniture, such as small folding tables.

Functionally furnish the narrow balcony thanks to a counter



. 9 Water hyacinth furniture is another great solution for stylish balcony design and outdoor decor. The natural look of hand-woven materials such as water hyacinths give the room a rustic yet refined texture. As early as the 1940s, garden furniture made from this material became very trendy on the French Riviera.

Give style and comfort to the balcony with furniture made of natural materials


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10th Sofa made of pallets – In addition to the wide range of garden furniture made of different materials, it is possible to build a comfortable and surface-fitting seat made of pallets. Below are some ideas for Balconies design with DIY furniture made of pallets in the form of a square bench or a wider sofa. Decorated with thick upholstery and cushions in matching colors, the self-made furniture made of pallets creates a particularly cozy atmosphere.

even on the small balcony there is enough space for a cozy seating area


© Bridget Pizzo

. 11 Staging Plants – What makes any outdoor area vivid and inviting is actually the greenery and decoration with a variety of plant species and flowers. In this way, the small balcony can be transformed into a romantic and dreamlike garden oasis. Of course the plant vessels also play an important role in the appearance of greening. For example, Flower boxes in neutral colors such as black, gray or white emphasize the green more and put the accent on the beautiful flowers of potted flowers. Thanks to their design and material, the flower pots can also support the desired style of living.

transform the balcony into a small residential oasis thanks to numerous plants


12th Romantic Lighting – In order to create a truly magical and romantic atmosphere in the evening, we naturally need a suitable and pleasant lighting. The decoration with candles, LED lights and fairy lights ensures an atmospheric lighting design with subdued and soft light.


The creation of a romantic atmosphere and a cozy atmosphere through proper lighting is also one of the useful tips and ideas for balcony design


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