That wasn’t the plan: Arrive at 3.30 a.m. and wait until at least 7.00 a.m. for the first pastry and the funny-sandy coffee (see below). Also it was not planned that rain and 10 degrees would greet us. But now from the beginning: Together with a good friend I flew for 5 days – over New Year – to Israel. It was clear to us that we would land at 3.30am in the morning. Somehow this time seemed not inhuman at all at the time of booking. But when you stand in front of the airport building, tired, somehow hungry, wet and hypothermic, then you realize pretty quickly: I’ll never do that again. By ‘that’ I don’t mean the trip to Israel, but to book a flight that only beginners book at 😉 (or those who think: Wow that’s a mega bargain to fly to Tel Aviv for CHF 150.00!).



Nordoy Café, Rothschild Quartier, Tel Aviv

Before that, so many friends and acquaintances of Tel Aviv raved at me. How nice and warm it is, how cool this city connects the beach with the food Mecca, and how good the coffee tastes everywhere. The latter was a great experience: So I order my first Black Coffee and realize much too late that this is a Turkish Coffee and I was sandblasted shortly afterwards. One of the locals observed my distorted face and then gave me a crash course in Turkish coffee – the main thing is that it is good!


Citizen Garden, Rothschild Quartier, Tel Aviv

Although it rained a lot every day (except one evening when the sunset photos were taken), I found the city really lively, impressive and special. Unlike most tourists, we walked up the beach, armed with umbrellas and thick down jackets, and discovered cafés and shops that we probably wouldn’t have visited so diligently if the sun had shone. Everything has its charms!

Sonnenuntergang in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv

The travel guides claim that Tel Aviv is a design paradise: Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that, so instead of photos of interior design shops and boutique hotels, today I have beautiful in-cafés which you shouldn’t miss during your trip to Israel!

If you have questions about Israel in general, about the surroundings including Jerusalem, about the most charming quarters or what it is like for petite women to walk around in uniforms and with incredibly big weapons, I am looking forward to hearing from you. And one thing is for sure: Israel is not what you usually see in the news, but a beautiful and multifaceted country, with sometimes grim but friendly inhabitants!