What can you do today – except watch TV, of course? Here you will find 30 great and extraordinary things to do with children and friends: experience adventures, play tips against boredom on rainy days or fun to help others, such as going with a dog from the shelter Gassi? Here is something for everyone! And in the video you see 5 tips against boredom, which make not only fun, but even smart!

What can you do today? Experience adventures!

# 1 Tourist tour through your own city

What can you do today? Do you know all the sights and insider tips of your own city? Treat yourself to a short break – without ice! Either you buy a guide or you ask friends for their insider tips and get to know your city again completely new.

# 2 trampoline jumping

Trampoline jumping is not only fun for the little ones! Everywhere in Germany there are trampoline halls, where you can really pump out. A nationwide overview of all halls can be found here.

# 3 Dress-up photoshoot

Host a photo shoot with the whole family or with friends. Either you make yourself really fancy or you let it crash with funny costumes, crazy outfits or silly poses. You will talk for a long time about the pictures that are created on this day!

# 4 boat ride

What to do when bored? If the weather is nice, a trip to a lake or river is just the thing! Sporty and families with older children can try canoeing, if you want to take it easy or have even smaller children, you can also enjoy the day on a pleasure boat.

# 5 flea market

Discover new, old treasures together and rummage through a flea market. The good news: “Mom, can I have that, biii? Ee? !!” costs here usually only a few euros. Or you let your child muck out and sell his own toy and thus supplement his pocket money a bit.

# 6 Have an evening walk.

Go out with the lantern again, even if the time is over. Admire the light in the houses and enjoy the introspective silence – maybe you will meet the Sandman as well?

# 7 Make a common course

Is there something you want to do together? Maybe a pottery class, creative class or something else. Go ice skating or swimming together and make yourself comfortable afterwards!

# 8 Experience an event up close

Go with your children to the children’s theater, to a musical or to a sporting event. Let your child experience spontaneity and excitement of events that are not recorded. What can you do today? Cheer!

# 9 Playing outside

Even when it’s cold outside, get yourself up for a walk. Build a snowman in winter or pick clover for neighbor’s rabbit in summer. Spends time with exercise in the fresh air.

Invite # 10 friends

It’s easier to get by without the TV when you’re in company. Support your child’s appointments and invite other children. Have the kids build a cushion castle out of the sofa cushions and hide in it, have a picnic or crawl through it – together children will be very creative.

What can one do today – for others?

# 11 Going with a dog from the shelter Gassi

Walking with a shelter dog is a great compromise if your own home is too small for your own pet. Most animal shelters also offer small introductory lessons where you can opt for a dog. Here you will find an overview of all animal shelters in Germany.

# 12 donations

Sort out well-preserved toys and bring them to the rescue station or to the children’s ward of the hospital or to a refugee center. Inform yourself directly on the website of the organization you want to support, where you can bring the sprits. If you want to support the refugee relief, you can check the website of your city or community where donations are received. What can be done better today than helping other people?

# 13 Build an insect hotel

A so-called “insect hotel” offers bees, bumblebees and other insects space for nesting and wintering. This is not only great for the protection of species and your flowers in the garden, but also really exciting as the children can watch the insects every day so close up. Thus, the question “What to do in case of boredom?” Has probably been unnecessary for a long time! How to build such a hotel, you can read here.

# 14 Repair

What shall we do today? How to play “Bob the Builder” and get things right: Here’s a button missing, there is a wheel on the truck canceled – now you have time to repair it together. “Can you do that?” – “Jo, you can do it!”

# 15 Makes a letter party

What can you do when Grandma and Grandpa are too far away to visit? Sit down with pens and paper together at one table and formulate letters to the relatives. If your child is still too young to write, have it painted on the back. Grandma, grandpa or aunts will be happy!

What can you do today – play against boredom

# 16 singing karaoke

“And that bee that I mean, that’s Maajaa !!” Singing karaoke is fun for the whole family! How about everyone choosing one or more songs and reciting the other in a big show? The new super talent? The whole family!

# 17 Soap bubbles

Run through the garden or park and catch bubbles. There are also great game sets that you can use to blow different and crazy soap bubbles.

# 18 Wipe the dust from the board games

Honestly, when did you last play “Mensch √§rgere nicht nicht”? Board games are not only fun, but also challenge the thinking and social behavior of your child.

# 19 What to do when bored? Playing cards!

What can be done when the weather is grubby? Well, play cards! UNO is a great game even for the little ones, the quartet needs a little more skill and who pulls the buck in the end? Boredom has no chance!

# 20 I see something you do not see

Instead of looking at the globes, you can take a closer look at the environment. “I see something, it’s blue!” Have you noticed before that blue flowers are blooming outside the window?

What can you do today – in the rain?

# 21 Holds a fashion show

Open your wardrobe for the next generation and let them organize a fashion show. You’ll be surprised how stylish your kids will be …

# 22 Have a tickle party

Tobe and tumble around with your kids on the floor. A great valve for your child’s energy – and yours!

# 23 Stick photos in albums

Finally, time and peace to sort together the baby photos or holiday photos. This results in great conversations and memories. Let your child decorate the album with drawings.

# 24 Playing your own theater

Make up a little story together and then run it together. Especially with smaller children you should not be too strict at text-memorizing but only pay attention to fun and creativity.

# 25 Dance!

Turn the living room into a dance hall and celebrate an exuberant dance party.

# 26 Crafting

Get a craft book and material and start a joint work of art

# 27 Discover new books (and worlds)

Go to the library and pick some books. Read these together or let older siblings read the younger one.

# 28 Now it’s on the ears!

Listen to audiobooks together, there is now a wide choice for all ages.

# 29 Ran to the pots!

Bake cookie or cake together and your child is allowed to decorate the small works of art all by himself. Or cook something for dinner together, the kids can, for example, cut the vegetables, weigh the rice, add ingredients to the pot, stir – the little ones will almost burst with pride, so much “help” to be allowed.

# 30 Laugh, life, love

And last but not least, laugh, talk and enjoy each other with all your heart! Do not waste valuable family time watching TV, but take each other in touch with your needs, your feelings, preferences and disadvantages.