What helps you fall asleep?
What helps you fall asleep?

Did you just roll around in bed again? Sleepless nights are your constant companion? And you ask yourself: What helps you to fall asleep? You are not alone. We tell you how you sleep peacefully!

You yawn, the eyes are heavy and nevertheless sleep is not to be thought of.

As soon as you lie in bed, you just roll around restlessly. Looking at the clock doesn’t make it any better.

You stress yourself and ask yourself: What helps you to fall asleep? And that’s exactly how you make it worse!

The minutes and hours fly by. If you now think about the next working day, the horror will come to you. Another sleepless night spent.

You recognize yourself there? Then you should urgently try out our sleep aids.

Only then can you break out of the vicious circle of insomnia. We will soon send you with our tips back to the realm of dreams, promised

What helps you fall asleep? A good supper!
There are studies that show that dinner has a great influence on a healthy sleep.

Do you eat a diet rich in fibre? That’s good.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the test persons fell asleep earlier and had longer deep sleep phases.

So how about a slice of wholemeal bread with avocado on it?

But for the dietary fibres to work properly in your body, you also need to drink enough water.

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Eating bananas to help you fall asleep
Bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium. Do you often suffer from calf cramps at night? Then you should definitely eat bananas.

It is best to combine the yellow fruit with a glass of milk. Of course you can also make a smoothie out of it.

The milk’s casein provides your muscles with protein all night long. This combination is ideal for fighting night cramps and curbing a typical cause of sleep disorders.

Salmon and Tuna
If you like fish, you’ll love this sleep aid: Eat salmon and tuna!

In many cases stress is the cause of insomnia. Salmon contains unsaturated fatty acids that make it easier for you to fall asleep.

The omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon make you tired and relaxed. They also increase the body’s own production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Tuna contains the amino acid tryptophan. It ensures that you can fall asleep more quickly.

So treat yourself to a grilled piece of salmon or a tuna spread before going to bed.

Healthy sleep with eggs
The tips for falling asleep also include eating eggs. Like tuna, the chicken product contains the amino acid tryptophan.

This promotes melatonin production and you get tired much faster. Eating eggs before going to bed is highly recommended.

You can also prepare a delicious tuna salad with eggs. On the one hand this prevents night cramps and on the other hand fatigue attacks you more quickly.

What else helps you to fall asleep? The right drinks!
In addition to the right food, drinks can also help you fall asleep. Now we’ll tell you which drinks you should take and when.

Cherry juice
You can’t sleep again? Then you should get yourself some cherry juice.

The most effective tips for falling asleep come mostly from research. American scientists have found that sour cherry juice promotes sleep.

The cherries contain the sleep hormone melatonin.

Test persons who drank cherry juice in the evening slept on average 25 minutes longer than those who ate other liquids.

Milk with honey
If you ask your grandma, “What helps you sleep?” Then they will surely recommend the home remedy milk with honey.

Milk contains the amino acids tryptophan and melatonin. Both lead to a better sleep.

However, the quantity contained is too small. The researchers suspect that warm milk has a psychological effect. Milk satiates and relaxes. This will calm you down and make you tired more quickly.

Better falling asleep with cocoa
What better way to fall asleep than a warm drink? Cocoa powder also contains the amino acid tryptophan.

Cocoa can also help you sleep better. What could be tastier than a warm cocoa? The brown powder contains tryptophan as well as phenylethylamine. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

This is a certain alkaloid, which is also contained in chocolate. It increases the body’s own production of happiness hormones and after some time it also makes you tired.

A warm cocoa is therefore an ideal nightcap for a restful sleep.

Tip: Do you know Dodow? You place the device next to your bed. Dodow projects a halo in blue light onto the ceiling, which promotes your sleep. You observe the light and adjust your breathing accordingly. Users have been able to fall asleep 2.5 times faster by ordering Dodow from Amazon and using it.

Tea is a good tip for falling asleep
All tea lovers pay attention now! To sleep you can grab a tea with hop cones, lemon balm leaves and valerian root. These medicinal plants have a very calming effect on your nervous system.

You can have a herbal mixture prepared at the pharmacy or simply get a tea with one of these medicinal plants.

Pour about two teaspoons of the dried herbs into a tea strainer or tea filter. Pour 200 ml of hot water over it.

Allow to infuse for ten minutes and enjoy before going to bed.

What is better for falling asleep than relaxation?
Stress is a real sleep killer. So make sure you relax enough. This is the only way to reduce stress. However, how you relax is up to you.

Everyone has their own idea of relaxation. We will show you the possibilities. Just choose the right one for you from these different offers.

What is guaranteed to help you fall asleep? Lavender! The medicinal plant not only smells great, it also makes for a restful night.

There are numerous studies that prove that lavender improves the quality of sleep. You are welcome to use the medicinal plant as a bath additive.

This is how the calming effect of the medicinal plant unfolds. If you don’t like bathing, you can also put three to five drops of lavender oil on a towel. Then simply put it under your pillowcase.

Tip: Put your money on herbal help! There are mixtures of plant extracts and amino acids that you dissolve in water and drink. They calm the nerves and help you to relax. Such a mixture is available from Honest Nutrition, which you can order from Amazon.

Sleep better with breathing exercises
We’ve been tracking down the question, “What helps you fall asleep?” We also came across special breathing exercises. Within one study, many testers fell asleep after just 60 seconds.

All they had to do was do the “4-7-8 breathing exercise” in bed. How does that work? Quite simply. Count every second: First inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, then hold your breath for 7 seconds and then exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat this a few times.

A warm bath to go to sleep in
Another sleepless night? Then you can try the following before going to bed: A warm bath.

This is particularly effective if you also use essential oils such as lavender or ylang-ylang. Simply add a few drops to the water and relax in the bathtub for about 30 minutes.

The optimal bedroom for a relaxing night
What helps you fall asleep? An optimally designed bedroom, of course. First of all, you should banish everything that is unnecessary from the room.

So get the sports equipment or the ironing board out. You’ll see, you’ll get much better rest in simple bedrooms than in crowded rooms.

Another aspect is safety. Only when you feel safe can you fall asleep. That’s why it’s better if the headboard of the bed is against the wall.

The colour design also influences the quality of sleep. Gentle shades such as pink or blue lower your blood pressure and relax you. The temperature in the room also plays a role. At best, it should be around 18 degrees.

What is the right duration of sleep?
How many hours of sleep you need cannot be said in general. Every person is different.

One person is already rested after 6 hours, the other needs at least 8 hours sleep. With a normal adult, the optimal sleep duration is somewhere between six and eight hours.

The older you get, the less sleep you need. Older people sometimes sleep during the day, which is why their night’s rest is also shortened.

If you sleep longer than your body needs, it will harm you rather than benefit you. Then you feel tired and your circulation doesn’t get going all day.

With rituals to an improved sleep quality
What works for babies can’t be wrong for us, can it? You can, for example, read a book or go for an evening walk.

You should also make sure that you always go to bed at the same time. So your body can get used to a certain sleep rhythm.

How about a prayer as a ritual before going to bed? You can say that several times in a row. Already after a few days you will see how good this is for you.

write thoughts
Do you have a thousand thoughts circling through your head in bed? Then it is almost impossible to calm down.

What helps you to fall asleep and how can you free yourself from thoughts? A diary! Yes, read correctly. That can also become a ritual that calms you down.

You should write down your topics and thoughts, which occupy you during the day, regularly in a diary. No matter whether positive or negative.

When you have written everything down, you can let go of your thoughts and drift into the realm of dreams in a relaxed way.

Counting sheep for a quiet night
Yeah, it’s probably the most popular sleep aid. But can it really help? Yes, through the monotonous process it can distract from thoughts and problems.

But of course the sheep are not the decisive factor. No matter if you count elephants or unicorns, every calming and low-irritant process is helpful.

It can also help if you imagine a beautiful landscape. The only important thing is that you relax.

What doesn’t help when falling asleep
There are many reasons for sleep problems. Fortunately, many can be treated by simple means.

The most common reasons are deadline pressure and stress. Both of these causes long periods of falling asleep. We’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do before going to bed.

Avoid strenuous mental activities
Before going to sleep, you should not carry out any mentally demanding activities. If you still work long hours in the evening or are concerned with problems, you shouldn’t be surprised if your sleep suffers as a result.

Sport right before going to bed is counterproductive
You play sports? That’s great in itself. You just have to pay attention to the time! Clearly after the sport you are tired and think you can sleep better. That is correct so far indeed.

However, your body and mind needs time after a workout to switch off. Therefore you should not do any sports two to three hours before sleeping at the latest.

To get to rest, it is ideal to postpone the training session to the afternoon.

What is of no use when falling asleep? Television and mobile
You love to let the TV sprinkle you before you go to bed? Or you check your mobile phone again or work on your laptop?

Such activities are not just conducive to sleep. The blue light emitted by such devices inhibits melatonin production. So you fall asleep much more slowly, despite the pre-TV sleep effect.

No cold shower before going to bed
Taking a cold shower may be good for your skin and circulation, but not for a quiet night. The circulatory stimulating effect is more likely to dispel your tiredness.

It looks different with a bath or a warm shower. Cold feet can also prevent you from falling asleep. Therefore it can also help to wear warm socks.

Our conclusion
And if you haven’t fallen asleep yet, you’re an expert on sleep now. Now you know all the tips and tricks on the subject: What helps you fall asleep and what doesn’t. If you have these courageously, then we are 100% sure that you sleep better from now on.

Often it is only small things that disturb sleep. If you eliminate these sources of disturbance, you will no longer stand in the way of restful sleep.

Good luck and sleep well! 🙂