Beautiful and soft lips – what woman wouldn’t want that? I’ll tell you a simple recipe with which you can make your own lip balm.

Give your lips an extra portion of attention.

They really deserve it!

Especially in autumn and winter the lips get cracked and brittle quickly.

You start to remove the skin flakes with your fingers or teeth. And then it happened again: The lips bleed and actually everything is much worse than before.

But you can prevent it with DIY Labello. Simply apply regularly and the lips are velvety soft and well-groomed.

Making lip balm yourself is a good alternative to finished products from the supermarket.

I always order the ingredients from Amazon. If you buy the products in a health food store, they are very expensive and often not available.

I can get by with an order for a very long time. That makes me forget the shipping costs. 🙂 Fortunately, most products don’t have any shipping costs anyway.

The basic ingredients for your personal lip care
Here come the ingredients you need to make it. I bought them all online and put them in a link for you. All ingredients marked with a * can be ordered directly from Amazon.

Beeswax in DIY Labello
Beeswax* provides the firm consistency and is responsible for keeping the balm on your lips for a long time.

Without beeswax, the other ingredients are absorbed much too quickly. And your homemade Labello melts at room temperature.

Shea butter for lip care
Shea butter* softens and moisturizes your brittle lips. The butter has a wound-healing effect. And it gives your lips a natural sheen.

Shea butter forms a barrier against wind and weather.

Make coconut oil your own lip balm
Coconut oil* makes your cracked lips velvety soft, adds great taste to the care and gives your homemade lip balm even more shine.

Lipstick and vanilla for taste and colour
Lipstick* brings colour and taste to your lip care. But since most of them taste pretty empty, I add a little vanilla pod to the recipe.

If you’ve made your own lip balm before, you’ll develop a sensitivity for the ratio of ingredients.

I do it now simply by feeling and it works every time 🙂

The lipstick brings by the way the desired color and some taste into our care product.

But I always use natural cosmetics without artificial contents and lipstick without animal tests.

Making lip balm yourself is as easy as that


8 g beeswax
20 g shea butter
20 g coconut oil
1/2 to 1 cm lipstick
1/2 vanilla pod

Grab a saucepan and bring water to the boil.

Meanwhile, you go looking for an empty glass. Old jam jars are quite suitable.

Scratch out the vanilla pod.

Place the jar without lid in the water bath. Put a tablespoon of beeswax in the glass and wait until the wax is completely melted.

Now add a tablespoon of coconut oil. With a wooden spoon mix your future balm. And finally half a spoon shea butter and the vanilla pulp.

Take the pot off the stove. Grab a lipstick. The amount depends entirely on you. Just ask yourself the question: How intense should the colour become?

I take about half a centimeter of lipstick. Stir firmly again until you get a nice uniform mass.

Then it must go fast. Because the beeswax makes the mass firm quickly.

Fill your homemade lip balm into the label forms. And then let it stand until it is firm. That takes only 10 minutes. If this is too slow for you, put it in the fridge.

Tip: You can fill the Labello into small boxes or use label moulds.

When I fill the lip care in label forms and give it away, I stick a coloured paper around it. So the lip balm itself looks different every time 🙂

My tip: If your care is cold and firm, it’s best to keep it in your handbag. The balm is best applied to your lips at room temperature.

Why you should make lip balm yourself
In the supermarket, in the drugstore or perfumeries you can buy countless beauticians for your lips. Mostly they are expensive, full of questionable ingredients and often not very satisfying.

Paraffin can be found in many finished balsams. Protection and care are not sought in such products. Instead of providing soft lips, paraffin products dry out even more.

Especially if you suffer from sensitive skin, you should not touch it. My suggestion: you can make your own lip balm.

It is not complicated to make effective lip care yourself. I have started 2 years ago with it and supply meanwhile my circle of friends with it. 🙂

Advantages of homemade lip care
It’s cheap
You know what’s in it.
You can choose the taste and colour yourself
It’s fun
It’s a great gift.
I make sure that the ingredients are high quality and natural. This is the only way to ensure the high quality of your homemade lip care.