If you have always wanted to know how best to accentuate the blue eyes, take a look.:)

Whether blue or brown, grey or green eyes, our eye colour occurs in the most diverse nuances. With the right eye make-up we can really make the colour of our eyes shine – provided you know how to do it. Here you will find the best tips on how to make up blue eyes and a step-by-step make-up guide for the perfect look!

  • Why blue eyes make up?
  • Which colours do blue eyes use for make-up?
  • Step by step instructions: Blue eyes make-up made easy
  • Day make-up make-up: Natural look for blue eyes
  • Evening Make Up: Smokey Eyes for Blue Eyes Make Up

Why blue eyes make up?

The colour of our eyes is as individual as our personality. Brown eyes are not only the most common, they also stand for self-confidence and independence. A dark grey, on the other hand, is said to have calm and reserved qualities. Green eyes are a true rarity because they only occur in 2% of all people worldwide. Maybe that’s why they seem seductive and mysterious.

But especially people with blue eyes are often misjudged. Most of the time they seem shy and weak to others, though they are characterized by their great inner strength.
To emphasize this feature and the wonderful look perfectly, make-up is the most important thing for.

After all, we can accentuate our eye colour with just a few means and at the same time look even more attractive to others. We have found out for you which colours you should use to make up blue eyes. With our make-up tips and a simple make-up guide for every occasion, you can show off your blue eye colour to its best advantage!

Which colours do blue eyes use for make-up?

In addition to our hair and skin type, the eye colour in particular is decisive for which colours suit us best. This applies not only to the choice of clothing, but also to eye make-up. After all, the right make-up should accentuate our advantages and bring out the individual beauty. For blue eyes – as for any other eye colour – complementary colours are best suited to make the iris shine. Whether dark blue, blue-green or light blue eyes, these colours match your eyes perfectly:

  • rusty tones, terracotta-brown and apricot and orange
  • shimmering rosé nuances and delicate noodle tones
  • dark grey and brown shades
  • champagne nuances like white and beige
  • metallic tones like gold and silver

Tip: Avoid black, blue and green on the eyelids as they can steal the show quickly from the iris.

Step by step instructions: Blue eyes make-up made easy

The colour of the eyes makes every woman unique and special. With our simple make-up tips you can create the most beautiful eye make-ups for the blue eye colour in no time at all. That’s how it works:

  1. Before you start with the eye make-up, first prime the face with a moisturizer and foundation.
  2. Then apply a concealer to the entire eyelid and under the eye. The concealer should be one to two shades lighter than your own skin colour. Place a few drops of the concealer or highliger in the inner corner of the eye and under the highest point of the eyebrow! With this simple trick you look even fresher and more awake.
  3. Now apply an eye shadow base to the entire eyelid. This prolongs the durability of the make-up and makes the colours even brighter.
  4. Now brush eye shadow in a light shade onto the entire surface of the eyelid. Now use a darker shade to make up the moving eyelid. For a smooth transition, blend both eye shadows well together.
  5. Now set contrasts in a darker shade to match the eye shadow. Our make-up trick: With mascara, kajal or eyeliner in a deep blue shade, turquoise, black or anthracite, you can skilfully show off your blue eyes.
  6. For the perfect look, brush the eyebrows and pull lightly. With a little powder or bronze on the cheeks, you can give your look a certain glow.
  7. Depending on the occasion, all doors are open to you when it comes to lip make-up, from a glossy gloss to an intense lipstick colour.

Day make-up make-up: Natural look for blue eyes

For blue eyes the following applies: If the eye make-up is too strong, it can quickly appear overloaded. With a nude look in the matching eye shadow colours, on the other hand, the beautiful nuances of the natural eye colour can be highlighted particularly beautifully. That’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Using an eyeliner in a dark brown on the upper eyelid, draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the inside of the eyelid. Then slightly blur the line with a bevelled brush.
  • Step 2: Now apply an eye shadow in warm colours such as gold or light brown tones to the entire movable eyelid and blend well.
  • Step 3: Using a brown kajal at the lower edge of the eyelid, draw a line from the inside to the outside of the eyelid and gently blur again.
  • Step 4: In a zigzag movement, apply black or brown mascara only to the upper lashes.

Tip: For a particularly natural look, emphasise the lips with pink lipstick or gloss and add a touch of blush to the cheeks.

Evening Make Up: Smokey Eyes for Blue Eyes Make Up

Smokey Eyes give every woman a particularly dramatic and sexy look. With these beauty tips you bring your own eye color to the fore:

  1. Apply a creamy eye shadow in shades of orange or bronze to the eyelid and blend well. Dab the inner corner of the eye with a lighter coloured eye shadow.
  2. The best way to achieve the smoke effect is to pull a rusty eyeliner along the lash line. Then smear the eye line with an eye shadow in a rich brown.
  3. A light beige kajal applied to the waterline makes the eyes glow.
  4. Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes with plenty of mascara or stick on false lashes. Brush the eyebrows and make them up in a slightly darker colour.

Tip: To make the evening make-up even more exciting, apply some bronzer and highlighter. The perfect look is completed with a lipstick in a dark berry shade.


Blue Eye Make-up: Pictures!

If you are a happy woman with blue eyes, you might be interested in blue eye make-up. In this sense, we have brought together numerous super interesting pictures. Take a look at them and get inspiring ideas for your appearance! Surely you enjoy the suggestions!

The direct complementary color to blue is orange…

Direct complementary color to blue is orange so a bronze tone like this one that has a lot of orange in it is actually great as a base color for this eye make up.

And you with a flat chest over the moving eyelids, that we wear the eyelashes as black as possible.


We chill it off the eyes 🙂 and so I had previously made transparent powder under my eyes and now I can just wipe it with a large powder brush without smearing anything.

Stretched down the color stays really nice and intense but by fading out the eye shadow the whole thing becomes softer…

Bright colors are back! Try it out! You will be amazed how great it looks!


I don’t know how to highlight blue eyes when you see people watching the brightest star in makeup.