Eyebrows frame the face and give it more expression. If they are not well formed, this can affect a woman’s complete look. In today’s article we’ll show you how to make up perfect eyebrows!

Not every woman has thick eyebrows by nature. If this is the case, you can try the following: Every evening, before going to bed, lubricate your eyebrows with ricin, olive or almond oil and massage for 3-5 minutes. This will accelerate hair growth. A healthy diet can also be very helpful. It will have a positive effect not only on your eyebrows, but also on your whole body. Consume more fish, nuts, raisins and soy products. They stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles.

Eyebrow make-up: Step 1 – Find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face



It is very important that the shape of your eyebrows matches the shape of your face. Here are some helpful tips:


If your face is round, try to create a high and relatively sharp arc. It is best not to make your eyebrows round, as this will make your face look even rounder;

If you have a square face, it is best to avoid plucking your eyebrows too thinly and briefly. A soft eyebrow shape with a slight curve will look best on you;

Women with a heart-shaped face are best advised to opt for a rounded eyebrow shape. They should shape their eyebrows high, as this can make their face look longer;

If you have an oval face, you can wear any eyebrow shape. Round or square – the choice is yours.


Eyebrow make-up: Step 2 – find the perfect eyebrow shape


Every face is different. What suits one person well cannot fit the other. If you want to find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face, you need to make some measurements. For this purpose you need a pencil. This is how it works:

(A) Place the pen vertically at the notch of the nostril and the inner corner of the eye. This is the point where you want your eyebrow to begin.

(CB) Tilt the pencil so that it is on the pupil and nostril. This is the point where the bow should be.

(D) Tilt the pen a little so that it is at the outer angle. This is the point where your eyebrow should end.


Step 3 – Pluck eyebrows correctly

If you have already decided what your eyebrows should look like, you can start with the practical part. Take a pair of tweezers and shape your eyebrows. In the following list you will find some tips that can help you achieve amazing results:

Sit in a comfortable place where there is good lighting.

Rub your eyebrows with an ice cube. This will help to reduce redness and pain after plucking.

Start plucking your eyebrows. Be careful when shaping the arch area. If you go too far and pluck too many hairs, it may look unnatural and too thin. It is best to remove yourself from the mirror and then decide whether you need to pluck more hairs.

Use an eyebrow brush to comb your eyebrows downwards. Cut the hairs with scissors.

Now comb your eyebrows upwards and do the same.

Finally, comb the hairs in the direction of growth.

Step 4 – Make up eyebrows

Now we come to the most difficult part: the filling of the eyebrows. This will give you a dense and natural look:

  1. Comb the eyebrow with the eyebrow brush in the direction of growth.
  2. Draw the outline of the lower eyebrow line starting from the inside out. Fill in the gaps
  3. Now paint the outline of the upper eyebrow line by starting this time from the outside to the inside.
  4. Fill in the gaps. Fill in the eyebrow. Be careful not to apply too much of the product, otherwise your eyebrows may look unnatural.
  5. Comb the hairs again with the eyebrow brush.
  6. Apply concealer around the eyebrow and carefully blend it out.


What else do you need to know?

The color of your eyebrows should match the color of your hair. It is best to choose a product that is slightly lighter than your eyebrows. Don’t buy an eyebrow powder or pencil that is too dark, otherwise your eyebrows may look unnatural.

There are several products for eyebrows. You can use eyebrow pencils, powders, gels, mascara, etc. Try different products and find the one you like best. No matter which product you choose, the steps are similar.


More tips for a perfect look


  1. Always use a special eyebrow brush to comb your eyebrows before applying makeup;
  2. Beautiful eyebrows should not necessarily be very thick. Thinner eyebrows can also look very elegant if they are well formed;
  3. Eyebrows are “sister” not “twins”. Don’t worry if they don’t look exactly the same;
  4. Fix your eyebrows with hairspray – spray the eyebrow brush with a little hairspray before combing your eyebrows;
  5. Always choose a colour that matches your hair colour.


Eyebrows makeup like the pros


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