You want to make your own face mask? No problem. We have the 7 best recipes with instructions for your skin care.

Face masks are simply wonderful – with them you get every skin problem easily under control. But I’m not a fan of masks from the drugstore. There is far too much chemistry and not enough effective ingredients. That doesn’t help your skin – much worse, it can even damage it. Therefore there is only one possibility for me – to make a face mask yourself!

This is not only better for your skin, but also for your wallet. Because most of the ingredients, so that you can make your face mask yourself, you certainly have at home! Here we show you the best recipes we have collected over the years and which we are enthusiastic about!

Tip: For all masks: Wash your face thoroughly beforehand with your usual facial cleansing products. After the mask, be sure to apply a cream, otherwise your skin could be tense and dry. The best time to use the masks is in the evening, so that the ingredients can work unhindered.

1. make your own face mask – Superfood against wrinkles
Chia seeds are on everyone’s lips as they are considered superfood. Whether as dessert or for breakfast, the small grains taste simply super and are mega healthy.But also for your skin they are a real vitamin bomb and help with their many oxidants and nutrients against wrinkles. The omega 3 fatty acids they contain are also important for smooth and full skin. The ingredients of Chia seeds also tighten the pores and tighten your skin.

Here come the ingredients you need to make it. I bought them all online and put them in a link for you. All ingredients marked with a * can be ordered directly from Amazon.

What you need:

1 – 1 1/2 tablespoon Chia seeds*
3 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon honey*
The most important thing here is to carefully grind the Chia seeds with a mortar to create a kind of powder. Chia seeds have a thick cell wall. If you don’t pound them, the healthy ingredients won’t get to your skin. Then add the water and honey and wait a few minutes.

The pulp will solidify into a gel, which you then apply to your previously cleansed face. After 10 – 15 minutes you can massage the gel in circular movements and then wash it off. The result: beautifully tightened and nourished skin!

2. make your own face mask with green tea for stressed skin
You have stressed, sun-damaged skin and want to make a face mask yourself? Then try this mask with green tea! The antioxidants in the tea let your skin shine, while the caffeine soothes red and irritated facial areas.

The honey has an antibacterial effect and moisturizes your skin, while baking powder eliminates blackheads. This mask is also suitable against blackheads!

You need this so that you can make this face mask yourself:

2 tea bags with green tea or even better, but more expensive, Matcha powder*.
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon organic honey*
Water as required
You’ll have to use the mortar on this mask, too. Crush the green tea until you get a powder. Add the baking powder and a teaspoon of honey. Stir everything together and add as much water as you need to make the paste spreadable.

Then apply the mask to your face and let it work for 10 minutes. Wash off with circular movements, then you also have a small peeling. Only do this if you have no serious sun damage – otherwise you will stress your skin additionally.

3. oat flakes against dry skin
Everyone who has dry skin will love this mask. Here we have our all-rounder, honey, with us again. It moisturizes the skin and has an antibacterial effect. Milk helps against tensions and slight redness, while it dissolves dry skin cells. Oat flakes contain a lot of zinc and are also exfoliating, which will smooth your dry skin. This recipe to make your own face mask is very simple:

How to use
That’s what’s needed:

3 tablespoons oat flakes* (ground up)
3 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon organic honey*
Water as required
For this you mix everything together except the water. Wait a few minutes until the oat flakes are soaked. Then you can add water if the porridge is too firm. You can leave this mask on for longer – up to 20 minutes!

But, hey, don’t take it all away! This mask also tastes great. Then remove with a damp washcloth. Do not use too much water, the skin should not be completely cleaned afterwards!

4. making the classic face mask yourself – healing clay for impure skin
Everyone knows it or has probably heard of it before – the good old healing clay. This fine, brown powder is the absolute hit for impure skin! I swear on it too.

The healing clay contains many minerals and trace elements. It promotes blood circulation and sucks the oil out of your skin without irritating it. As it dries, it absorbs impurities and cleans blocked pores. This happens through a fine suction effect. But how can you make this face mask yourself?

For this anti pimple miracle you need the following:

Healing clay (best the “Luvos healing clay skin fine*”)
Tea tree oil*
You now mix healing clay with water in a bowl until a solid mass is formed. Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil – another Super Boost against pimples! Apply this paste to your skin.

Very important – wait until the mask is completely dry! You can tell by the fact that it has become evenly lighter. It can take half an hour, but it’s very important. This is the only way the suction effect can begin.

It is best to move your face as little as possible during the application time – otherwise everything will crumble down, believe me! Then it’s time to do the dishes – for this you first crumble down as much of the mask as possible. Then wash your face with water until it is clean.

This mask is best applied 1-2 times a week and you will soon notice that your pimples disappear!

5. the Indian secret recipe against blackheads – turmeric
Turmeric is said to be a true miracle – extremely healthy, it can even fight cancer cells. But it is also wonderful for your skin. Indian women have been swearing by this recipe for decades and wear it especially before their wedding.

But why is this recipe to make face mask yourself so effective? Turmeric is antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. It is also anti-oxidant and reduces redness. Together with the other ingredients, this mask is perfect against impure skin!

How to use
Here’s what you need:

1 teaspoon curcuma*
1-2 teaspoons organic honey*
1 teaspoon milk
Now you have to mix all three ingredients to a paste. Of course you can add more or less milk to make the mask thick enough. It should not drip! Turmeric is also used as a colorant, so you can hardly get rid of any stains. It is therefore better to put on an old shirt while wearing the mask.

Then apply the mask to the face and wait about 10 minutes. Now you can wash off the paste! Don’t be afraid now, your face can be slightly yellow from turmeric! Better use this mask in the evening. In the morning, after you have washed your face as usual, the colour should have disappeared.

6. black mask against blackheads
You’ve probably heard of those strange-looking black masks before, haven’t you? They complete the trio against impure skin – healing clay*, turmeric* and black activated carbon*.

Activated charcoal acts like a sponge and absorbs blackheads, oil and other stuff that should not get into the skin. It cleanses your pores and looks amazing! Activated carbon is known for its pollutant-filtering properties, it is not for nothing that it is prescribed for radiation and stomach complaints. And now this miracle cure is coming to your skin!

That’s what you need so you can do this face mask yourself:

Black activated carbon* (in the pharmacy in the form of capsules)
1 egg white
Tea tree oil* or lemon juice
Separate the egg whites from the yolks and mix with a mixer until the egg whites are formed. Open 3 – 4 activated charcoal capsules and empty the contents to the egg white. Then add a drop of tea tree oil.

Mix everything – if the paste is too hard, you can add some water. Then apply the mask to your face and wait 10-15 minutes. Now you can carefully crumble and wash off the hardened mask – your skin should now be radiantly clean and soft!

7. cinnamon for a smooth skin
Last but not least there is a delicious Christmas recipe for you. This mask may seem a bit unusual, but cinnamon is a miracle cure for your skin. It has an antibacterial effect and smoothes your skin. It also lightens light acne scars and spots – a natural way to beautify uneven skin. We already know honey and baking powder – they also have a cleansing and moisturising effect.

You need for this mask:

1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon*
1 teaspoon honey
Mix all ingredients until a creamy pulp is obtained. Then test this mask on your wrist before stroking it on your face. Cinnamon can make some people sensitive!

If everything fits and you can’t see any redness, apply it to your face. After 5-10 minutes you can wash it off. Used regularly, it lightens unattractive stains and scars and helps prevent pimples and blackheads.

My conclusion
You don’t need much to make your own face masks. You already have most of the ingredients at home anyway. The masks work wonders and do your skin a lot of good – much more than the chemical bumps you get in the drugstore. Try them out and tell us about your favourite mask!