What do you do when you can’t sleep at night because around a house a storm sweeps that produces a high horror movie-like loud howl that would even give Freddie Krüger goosebumps? Not forgetting a loudly folding front door, branches hitting the window and two excited cats who don’t know what’s going on. And all that on Halloween night!
That’s what happened tonight, sleep was out of my mind for me as a little scaredy-cat and so I found myself in the kitchen at three in the morning. Totally overtired, I first made a pot of tea, turned on the music, sat on one of the barstools in the kitchen window, looked out into the misfortune and dunked chocolate in peanut butter.
My eyes fell on my fruit bowl which contained three apples which I had actually bought as a chocolate substitute for my peanut butter ravenous hunger attacks to at least make the whole thing a little healthier.

Then I came up with the idea of an experiment.

A Peanut Butter Apple Crumble!

Sounds to me like the perfect combination of sweet & salty and would be exactly to my taste!


– three apples
-175 g flour
-100 g Magarine
– 4 tablespoons rice syrup
– about 4 tbsp fine peanut butter

The rice syrup is my personal, “fructose intolerance-friendly” version, but can also be replaced by honey or simply 100 g sugar for non-vegans.


I peeled the apples, cut them into small pieces and distributed them in an ovenproof dish. I spread the peanut butter on top and then kneaded the crumble dough from the remaining ingredients to cover the peanut butter.

The crumble then goes into the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes and can be eaten warm after a short cooling.

However, I had to pull myself together and keep the cake until the afternoon to be able to cut it with my visit. But this was a good opportunity to show you what was new in the last weeks. A part used, a part new and a part that just called my name! I start with my new plates, which I recently got hold of at the flea market. I think the texture and the arrow pattern are totally beautiful, even if my mother says they are Christmas trees, and good! Last week I was able to get hold of some of these glasses with an ikat pattern at Xenos and in the sale at Esprit I found these beautiful shoes! Somewhat impractical for Berlin´s dirty streets but until the next holiday I use them just as slippers or just as a decorative object. But they also simply fit too well into my apartment. Don’t you think so?